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Herbal Products


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Pain Relieving Oil
Ensures deep trans-dermal penetration & nourishes the joint structure
Promptly relieves pain
Rapidly resolves inflamation
Quickly restores mobility
(Non staining/ Non Greasy)
Rhematoid Arthritis
Low Back Pain
Puts Your Patients back in action.


Restore daily activities & unlimited mobilty
Provide Quick action and fast relief
Analgesic & Antioxidant properties
Provide prompt relief of symptoms
Help healing fractures faster
Improve the bone strength.

Rumatone Gold

Capsules & Oil
Provides power relief & Restore daily activities
Relieves from arthritis stiffness & neuraligia
Correct rheumatic Disorders
Analgesic & Antioxidant property
Prevent Post operative aches & pains
Relief in leg cramps,
frozen sholders & lumbago
One Solution for all Joint & Muscles Pains.


Caps & Syrup
Rejuvenate both body & Mind
Improve vigour & vitality
Rejuvenate body & Mind
Correct muscular weakness
Correct blood deficiency
Relieve mental fatigue and stress
Enhance immunity
Promote stamina and general wellbeing.

N.F. Cure

Helps Built-up Confidence
Stop noctural Emission
Treat muscular Weakness
Improve Firmness
Enhance the staying power and erection
Correct physical debility abd mental fatigue
Helps Built-up Confidence.


Caps & Syrup
A Complete Liver Care Tonic
Offer Cytoprotection adgainst alcohol-induces hepatic damage
Improve appetite & Weight gain
Reduce hepatotoxicicy due to anti-tubercular therapy
Protect the hapatic parenchyma
Promote hepatocellular regeneration
Possesse antioxidative activity
Prevent the loss of functional integrety of cell membranes
Shorten the Disease-recovery period
Preventive action on spread of hepatitis virus
To prevent & protect Liver.

Kuf n Kold

Caps & Syrup
The Cough Reliever
An unique powerful anti-inflammatory action with no side effects.
Analgesic & Antioxidant Properties.
Provide promt relief of symptoms.
Correct the nasal Congestion
Relieve headache and bodyache
Clear the sinuses of Mucus
No sedation at all
Control Cough Effectively Without Sedation.


Remove Kidney & Gallbladder Stones
Remove Nephrolith
Correct Renal Colic & nephritis
Rejuvenates nephrism
Dissolves the mucin, which binds stone particles
Prevent recurrance of stones.


Caps & Syrup
For Uterus Care & Restore Health
Relieves leucorrhoea, Oligomenorrhoea, Dysmenorrhoea
Improves General Weakness, Irregular Menstuation
Correct backache & Visceral Pain
Helps Conception, Hemorrhagic Discharge
Prevents Abortion
Purify & form new blood for glowing skin & beauty.


Capsules & Oil
Provides power Relief & Restore Daily Activities
Relieves from arthrithis, stiffness & neuraligia
Assure quick relief in backache, joint & muscular pain
Correct rheumatic disorders
Analgesic & Antioxidant property
Prevent Post operative aches & pains
Relief in leg cramps,
frozen sholders & lumbago
One Solution for all Joint & Muscles Pains.


Effective & Safe diabetes killer
Regulate Hyperglycemia
correct Diabetes mellitus
Relieves melitemia / blood sugar
Restores Muscular Energy
Weakness due diabetes
In the management of Diabetes.


Caps & syrup
One Solution for all gaseous problems
improve digestive system
corrects indigestion, acidity
relieves stomach pain, colic
remove constipation
Prevent Belching & Loss of Appettie.


Rejuvenate both Body & Mind
Revive physical capacity
Exhibit significant antioxidant activity
Possesse revitalizing effect
Help combat mental Fatigue
As a daily health tonic-general weakness, fatigue etc
Prolonged illness-typhoid, tuberculosis, malaria etc
Postoperative convalescence
Occupational stress
Age-related debilty.